2020 D-Biz
Distance Business Programme (Anti-epidemic Fund)

With the continuous outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020, all walks of life have suffered from the impact of knock-on effect. The former Secretary for Innovation and Technology, Mr Nicholas W. Yang, announced that the Innovation and Technology Bureau will allocate HKD$500 million to launch a Distance Business Programme under the Anti-epidemic Fund, in order to support local enterprises to continue their business and services through adoption of IT solutions during the epidemic.

We are glad to inform you we are now on The Hong Kong Productivity Council  IT Service Providers Reference List. SP-737-247


Company Scale

  • Valid HKBR

  • Limited company

  • Unlimited company

  • HKBR obtained before 1 Jan 2020

  • Substantive business at the time D-Biz launched

Business Nature

Any lawful business

Accept Application

D-Biz would be helpful for:

Enhanced existing Business

Extend business model

D-Biz IT Solutions & Example

Online Store


web icon


Online Order & Delivery

Smart Self-service System

Ordering & Delivery Solution

web icon


Online Customer Services &


CRM System

web icon


Customer Digital

Experience Upgrade

Customer Engagement

web icon


Digital Marketing

Marketing & Advertisement

web icon


Digital Payment

Payment Solution

web icon


Cloud-Based Financial

Management System

Financial System

web icon


Cloud-Based Human Resources Management System

HR Solution

web icon


Remote Document Management & Cloud Storage

Document Management Solution

web icon


Web Conference Tool

Web Meeting

web icon


Virtual Team Management & Communication

Team Collaboration

web icon


Cloud Business Support System

ERP Solution

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